A 49-year-old woman was arrested by the police. She is suspected of having damaged about 30 cars by arson, including several in the parking lot of the hospital center reserved for nursing staff. Examined on Monday by a psychiatrist, she was interned in a psychiatric hospital, according to information from Europe 1.


In these times of confinement when the caregivers are carried as heroes of the nation against the coronavirus and applauded every evening by the French, a suspicious fire on the parking lot of a hospital goes badly. The scene, told in the columns of  La Voix du Nord, took place on Saturday evening in Armentières: around thirty cars had been destroyed or damaged by an arson, several of which (two ambulances and eleven cars) were in the parking lot of the hospital reserved for nursing staff.

Interned in a psychiatric hospital

After 48 hours of investigation, the police arrested the alleged arsonist, according to information gathered by Europe 1. It is a 49-year-old unbalanced woman. Examined Monday by a psychiatrist, his mental health was found incompatible with his placement in police custody. She was interned in a psychiatric hospital.