The new Adidas sneakers, the Adidas Barcelona , have something that bothers Catalan independence supporters a lot: the flag of Spain . Red, yellow and red, unbearable details in sight for the independentistas , who have launched this week a campaign of criticism, harassment and boycott against the sports firm of German origin .

It is a recent collection of the UltraBoost DNA brand (DNA in Spanish), inspired by cities with a sports tradition and, for the moment, only has those in Sydney and Barcelona . The digital portal 'Sneaker News' echoed the news on Monday and the controversy soon appeared : "Barcelona? With the Spanish flag? What kind of joke is this?". Hundreds of messages from accounts with yellow ribbons replied to the post with negative comments.

Although the truth is that the message has also had positive reactions . Many of them, with the flag of Spain and criticizing the "lazis", as it has been read in a tweet, for making the "ridiculous".

Where to buy them

The new Adidas shoes are available although not on all the websites of the German multinational. At the moment, they can only be accessed through the Canadian site. There the two versions appear, Sidney and Barcelona, ​​in all sizes and for a price of around 160 euros .

A detail, the price , which has also been mocked by tweeters opposed to the independentistas. It is very close to number 155, and some have taken the opportunity to remember the moment when the Government of Mariano Rajoy took absolute control of the Generalitat through the application of article 155 of the Constitution .

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