▲ Triathlon team coach shown in Insa-Jung, Gyeongju Sports Association

The head coach of Gyeongju City Hall's triathlon (Third Triathlon), designated by one of the perpetrators as the late Choi Sook-hyun, denied the charges at the Gyeongju Sports Council Human Resources Committee.

But five months ago, he sent a text message to Choi Suk-hyun's father, "I'm giving you my first and last request. I'm all responsible. I'll put it down and leave."

When the late Choi Sook-hyun started lawsuit, the coach who asked forgiveness changed his attitude.

Now he claims, "I didn't hit. Rather, I stopped the assault of a team doctor."

The director of the Gyeongju Sports Association held on the 2nd said, "The director said that Choi entered the triathlon and had an attachment, and the director also arranged for him to go to another team. Thank you to the mobile messenger message that the manager received from Choi by February." There was also an article saying'I'm sorry'.

However, we need to take a closer look at whether the ‘thank you’ sent by the players is an expression of sincerity or fear, between a manager and a player with a clear hierarchy.

There is no scene in which the director assaulted a deceased person in a recording released by Choi's survivor.

However, when the team doctor assaults a merciless assault, it can be seen from the transcripts that the director assisted.

During the assault on the team doctor, the director put more pressure on the deceased with words such as "Does it hurt me to take care of you?"

In addition, a recording of the voice of the director shouting that Choi Sook-hyun gained weight and said "starve for three days" was recorded.

The coach is also accused of hitting the cheeks of a deceased person who was harassed by his seniors, even knowing that the veteran player, who is the representative of the Korean triathlon and the core of the team, is bothering him.

The manager was more shocked because he had a relationship with Choi Sook-hyun since middle school.

Choi Sook-hyun, who suffered from harsh behavior, has been in legal proceeding since February.

The manager then apologized to Choi's family.

In a text message to Sook-hyun Choi's father, he said, "I'm sorry and I'm sorry. I kneel and apologize."

I didn't mention any specific acts, but I repeated the words "sorry" and even said, "I'll put it all down and leave."

The director said, "My wife and child are looking at me. Please give me a little time so I can prepare to eat and live," and asked, "I will take responsibility for the difficult and untreated parts."

Player Choi Sook-hyun left the Gyeongju City Hall this year and joined the Busan Sports Association.

The team has left, but the influence of the former team manager has not completely disappeared.

In the triathlon of Korea, where there are not many players and leaders, the link between the two could not be broken without the manager's'putting down and leaving' as promised.

The director remained in Gyeongju City Hall.

And the victim, Choi Sook-hyun, passed away.

(Photo = High Choi Sook-hyun's survivors, Yonhap News)