Choi Suk-hyun, 22, from the national team of the triathlon, left the last message on the 26th of last month, saying, "Please reveal the sins of the perpetrators."

Choi Sook-hyun has been told by officials from his team that he has been assaulted and abused for years. Recording alone can determine how harshly the assault that Choi Choi Sook-hyun suffered at the time.

In March of last year, at the all-new training ground in New Zealand, team doctors from the Gyeongju City Hall team assaulted Choi Choi Sook-hyun with swear words for decades. In the recording, the team doctor assaulted Choi Sook-hyun, saying, "If you are under humans like Coach 00's trash, and you are under the coach and learning properly, you are on the right track. Come on and bite your teeth."

Then you said, "You are the next generation, man, you young man! You are the ace of the next generation of Gyeongju City Hall.

"Do you know that you don't deserve to eat until Sunday? Is that my power, Team Doctor power?" He committed a ruthless assault in front of a colleague because Choi Sook-hyun ate food secretly during the weight management period.

Choi, who was a junior national representative and a promising triathlon in Korea, was trained at the 2016 Gyeongju City Hall team in high school, and he suffered harsh behavior from officials from his team.

숙 Choi Sook-hyun's father was angry, saying, "The blood rises upside down and the goose bumps rise." The terrible memories are contained in Choi's diary.

Choi, who moved his team to the Busan Sports Club earlier this year, sued the coach, team doctor, and two senior players last March. However, they denied the allegations, and Choi's acquaintances reported that Choi had suffered anxiety that the punishment would not be properly executed.

Eventually, Choi passed away with extreme choices after leaving the mother with the last text that the perpetrators must be punished at dawn on the 26th of last month.

During Choi's sad death, other players from the Gyeongju City Hall's team decided to courage the accusers and testify during the investigation and trial of Choi's case.

(Composition: Joeul Seon, Reporter: Sangmin Kim, Bansuk Jung, Photograph: Seolminhwan, Choi Woongwoong, Editor: Seungyeon Park)