Next, we will continue to report on Choi Sook-hyun, who died himself because he could not stand the violence, harassment, and harsh acts of leaders and seniors.

[故 Recorded by Choi Sook-hyun (Last March): (I'm right.) Get out! Come here and do that? Hands down?] As the

22-year-old player has known what he's been through, the voice of the brutality of the violence and the roots of the physical education industry must be rooted out. The Gyeongju City Sports Council held a personnel committee late today (2nd) and suspended the supervision of the Gyeongju City Hall team, who was involved in the assault. In the midst of this, fellow players are taking courage one by one. A fellow player interviewed us saying that Choi Sook-hyun was right, and that he was also assaulted, and he hopes this will never happen again.

Let's listen to the contents together.


Q. Choi's extreme choice... What is your feeling as a colleague?

[Now I'm so pathetic for myself to have this courage. At that time, if you helped me and cared more... I'm here with a shameful feeling for tragedy.]

Q. Have you ever seen the scene of Choi's assault?

[I witnessed being beaten by a coach on the track during the New Zealand battery training. I've seen them hitting shoes or making gestures of hitting and saying. In the case of heavy words, it happens too often... ]

Q. Did Choi ever discuss difficulties?

[I had a drink with Choi Choi a month or two ago. No. Please bunhaeseo beating down his hand Please help me get my brother crying, so you grasp the hem break the desks were in place, I think cr just died, I remember crying yireomyeonseo told me.]

Experience of violence as a player Q. Choi ?

[I just remember that I put all those players on the Gyeongbuk Physical Education Track just because I was a little lazy and coach Kim hit all the players' cheeks.]

Q. Who joins in the assault or harshness?

[No one was drying out, and the hand was tolerated. No matter what you say or say, even if you use violence, Director Kim has more favored the beaten senior player than the person who was beaten. I even saw assaults on team doctors. I still remember how I stood up in New Zealand and smacked my cheek.]

Q. Did you have any other players who raised problems besides Choi?

[It wasn't an environment where we could have the courage to overcome unfair treatment, the atmosphere of the team itself. If I don't like it a little, I swear and it's easy for us to say, "Where do you do this easily?" ]

Q. Recurring violence, why?

[(Third triathlon) Because people who know all over one leg can say this easily, I believe this is unfortunate because I believe more in the words of the manager and the higher rank than the players. So that this will never happen again... I really want to release Choi's Han.]

(Video coverage: Jung-Bo Jung, Nam-Sung Kim, Video editing: Jo Mo-Hwan, CG: Park So-Yeon) 

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