Facebook quits its TikTok clone Lasso after a year and a half. The app was available in a small number of countries, but will close on July 10. Facebook will let users know via Twitter on Thursday.

Lasso was released in the United States in late 2018 to compete with the popular video app TikTok. With Lasso it is possible to make short videos, in which users dance or chat lyrics, for example.

After a rollout in the US, Lasso also became available in other countries, but the app was never released in Europe. Facebook does not reveal why it will stop Lasso, probably because the app never really gained popularity.

Facebook is working on a TikTok-like feature in Instagram. Instagram Reels allow users to create fifteen-second videos and provide them with music, then share them as Stories. Reels is already being tested in a few countries, but it is not clear when the function will become available in the Netherlands.