Choi Sook-hyun, a former national player of the triathlon, made an extreme choice on the 26th of last month. It has been reported that former team officials accused them of being assaulted and harassed, but were reportedly suffering from anxiety that they could not be punished.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok reports.


Last March, New Zealand Battery Training Center.

A man curses and scolds someone.

[Team Doctor: Why? I'm not talking about weight, hey, it's XX (puck) Weight is not a problem, huh? Don't cry.]

[故 Choi Sook-hyun: (No cry)]

[Team Doctor: Bite your teeth. (Pak) Where do you play Yang-

Achi ?] The people who are assaulting are the team doctors from the Gyeongju City Hall team, and the right ones are players from the team, such as Choi Sook-hyun.

Choi, who was a junior national representative and was a promising 3rd grader in Korea, was trained by the 2016 Gyeongju City Hall team in high school, and he suffered harsh behavior from officials from his team.

Choi and his family allege that there were also so-called'food tortures', where assault and swear words are forced to eat until they vomit.

[故 Choi Sook-hyun's father: Blood is rising upside down. It's creepy. The real Sukhyun has been exercising until this time... .]

Choi, who moved his team to the Busan Sports Club earlier this year, sued the coach, team doctor, and two senior players last March.

However, they denied the charges.

At the end of May, the police handed over to the prosecution for charges of fraud and assault, and the other three were charged with assault, based on eyewitness statements and transcripts. .

Eventually, Choi made an extreme choice after leaving the mother with the last text that the assailants must be punished at dawn on the 26th of last month.