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is time for Go Hyun-Jun's news bulletin to pick out the news that will be the topic. What is your first news today (1st)?

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United States, there was a white middle-aged woman who spit at the request of a convenience store employee to wear a mask.

At a gas station convenience store in the United States on the 28th of last month local time, a woman without a mask is trying to calculate, but a convenience store staff asked to wear a mask to prevent corona19.

The woman began to make a nasty scream, scream, and spit toward the cashier with the convenience store staff.

Excited women soon left the convenience store, yelling that there was no law to wear a mask, and this scene was shot by another guest waiting for her turn behind the woman, and the video quickly spread through social media and was released by the American press. It has been reported to.

The netizens expressed great anger at the behavior of women who seemed to be dismissing the convenience store staff who politely asked.

In the U.S., this woman was even nicknamed ``Gas Station Karen,'' which is pretending to be a noble but a sweet word for a white middle-aged woman with superiority and discrimination. I don't know the supremacy or discrimination that you said about


, but I don't think you've learned it, please tell me the next news

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How can you describe the scent of the universe and the smell of the universe? The NASA-certified NASA-certified'Aude Space' perfume will be released soon.

The smell of the universe was first developed in 2008 by NASA at the request of a man named chemist and perfume expert Steve Pierce.

At first, it was said that it was for training purposes. At that time, NASA created the scent of the universe for training to adapt to the astronauts in advance of what they actually smell in outer space. It is said to have been described as a mixture of raspberries and rum.

Aude Space is a perfume that reproduces the scent of the universe that was developed at the time, and is said to be a spicy scent mixed with sweetness.

The makers of Audspace said, "The smell of the universe is one of the hardest to describe."


I'm not sure if it's a scent that you can always spray on, but I'd like to take it once.

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Reviewer>

Next, as the weather gets warmer, many people are looking for a relatively thin anti-fogging mask, but you can also buy the anti-foaming mask that has gone through a sellout at a convenience store today.

Convenience store CU sells more than 500,000 pieces of splash-blocking masks for 1 week at 14,000 stores nationwide.

Seven-Eleven will also sell an average of 50,000 copies per day, and E-Mart 24 plans to increase the volume sequentially after 1 million copies in the first week.

The price per sheet is 500 won to 900 won per person, and there is no limit to purchase per person.

Earlier, E-Mart sold a limited quantity of masks for splash blocking. However, since there was more demand than supply, there was a long line of buying masks from dawn.

As the masks can now be purchased at convenience stores, the mask controversy is likely to be resolved to some extent, but the retail industry officials still say that there is not enough stock, but the manufacturer is steadily increasing the production volume. Said that