North Korean defectors Park Sang-hak, a North Korean defector who has been spraying materials and supplies to North Korea, and Brother Jung-oh Park, a representative of the North Korean Freedom Movement, are attending an investigation today (30th).

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Task Force (TF) for investigating flyers and supplies to North Korea is calling on them as suspects of violations of the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act starting at 9:20 am.

They are said to have announced their willingness to attend today after coordinating the investigation schedule with the police.

The police plan to check the alleged suspicions against Brother Park, including the facts related to the North Korean flyers and spraying material, and how to secure collective action funds.

Earlier, the Ministry of Unification decided to sue the police on violations of the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act and revoke the government's permission to establish corporations on the 10th.

The police seized and searched the Freedom of North Korea Movement Federation and the office of Big Saem.

Police have also conducted on-site reference investigations against residents of border areas, such as Gimpo-si, Paju-si, Yeoncheon-gun, and Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, where North Korean refugee organizations have floated plastic bottles containing rice with North Korea.