▲ Chungnam National University Hospital, where the corona 19 confirmed patient came out and closed the emergency room

A corona19 confirmed patient in Daejeon visited a screening clinic four days before the diagnosis, but it was confirmed that the infection spread in the area due to lack of examination.

According to the quarantine authorities such as Daejeon City on the 30th, A-110 confirmed patient in Daejeon (male in the 50s in the West) visited the Western Health Center screening clinic around 4 pm on the 23rd, showing signs of fever, but was not tested.

At that time, it was a time when a thorough inspection was conducted for citizens who came to the place visited by other confirmed persons.

Hundreds of visitors, such as buffets and wedding ceremonies, are undergoing reservation inspections, so Mr. A who has not made a reservation cannot be inspected.

Mr. A, who had no choice but to turn his feet, lived daily on the morning of the 24th, the next day, at a local clinic after receiving a prescription for physical extermination.

On the same day, I also had dinner with an acquaintance.

However, Mr. A visited a local clinic again on the afternoon of the 26th, three days after the visit to the screening clinic, and was eventually taken to the Chungnam National University Hospital by an 119 ambulance.

When he arrived at Chungnam National University Hospital, his body temperature was 39 degrees Celsius.

He was confirmed by Corona 19 on the 27th.

His wife and son (confirmers 108 and 109) were confirmed the day before, and at the same time, the emergency room at Chungnam National University Hospital was closed.

Even here, a woman in her 50s who had dinner with him on the 24th (confirmed number 117) turned out to be Corona 19 positive on the 30th.

It has been pointed out that Mr. A could have stopped at least 117 confirmed infections if he had been tested and quarantined on the 23rd.

Some have pointed out that due to the'unreasonable' thorough examination, the screening clinic failed to properly respond to suspected'emergency' patients.

A quarantine expert said, "There is a lot of disagreement as to whether the visitor should check all the visitors there because it was a stopover." "It is true that it has the advantage of preventing the spread of asymptomatic infections."

However, he said, "Fully inspecting the visitor's visitor can show the amount of great action taken by the head of the local government, but in fact, it imprisons the quarantine manpower with a thorough inspection of less than 5%." "It makes no sense to say that it wasn't possible to prevent the spread of the suspected patient because of a preliminary examination."

(Photo = Yonhap News)