Streaming service Twitch has suspended the account of US President Donald Trump. According to news site The Verge , it is a temporary suspension because of "spiteful behavior", including as a result of a repeat of a broadcast in which Trump calls that Mexico is sending rapists to the United States.

Twitch is the next online platform to take a tougher approach to Trump. Earlier, the US president was countered by Twitter in particular, which took action against some of his tweets in a short time.

Trump's campaign team opened his Twitch account in October. The US President mainly uses the profile to show videos of campaign meetings. People who visit the account now will be notified that the content is not available "unless you have a time machine".

"Like everyone else, politicians on Twitch must abide by our terms and conditions," Twitch said in a statement to The Verge . "We make no exception for politicians or newsworthy content, and take action against reported content that violates our rules."

As a result of the tougher social media actions, Trump previously threatened to pass a law change that currently protects online platforms. The US shared a concrete proposal for this in June, but it is unclear whether the changes will go ahead.