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Splash-blocking masks that have been sold out continuously online will be sold at convenience stores nationwide starting tomorrow.

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The splash mask, which will start selling from tomorrow, is a KF-AD mask certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It is a mask that is more comfortable to breathe because it is thinner than the existing KF mask while preventing splash.

It's summer and it's getting hotter, so when it comes to online sales, it's all sold out shortly, but starting tomorrow, you can buy an unlimited quantity per person at convenience stores.

CU will be selling a set of 5 splash masks of 600 won per piece at 14,000 stores nationwide starting tomorrow, and Seven-Eleven and E-Mart 24 will release masks to stores nationwide sequentially starting tomorrow.

GS25, which started selling splash masks a little earlier, is said to expand sales to 15,000 stores nationwide from July 2, two days later.

The sales volume is more than 1 million pieces per week, and the price per mask is 500 to 900 won.

The netizens said, "I failed every time online, but I like being able to buy it at a convenience store in front of my house." It showed back reaction.