We told you what happened to the elder actor's manager during this time yesterday (29th). The manager said he was forced to work unfairly without a work contract and without four major insurance plans.
▶ [Exclusive] “The job was fired like a mother” Discussed the senior actor's manager

Through the story, it was the reason why we reported that we are looking at the poor working environment of the entertainment industry and finding and improving structural problems that are repeated. So, the name of the elder actor wasn't revealed, but today Sun-jae Lee and his agency have made their own statements. Mr. Soon-Jae Lee said he felt moral responsibility for our reporters this afternoon and said he hoped that the unfair work of the manager, who had been regarded as a practice, would disappear. In order to correct that bad practice, I'm going to point out where this is wrong and what structural problems are there.

Reporter Jang Hoon-kyung.


Lee Sun-jae's agency did not write a labor contract with manager Kim Mo.

[Lee Soon-Jae's representative: I told the labor agency that part. The interior here is less finished now. I was busy doing the interior. I've only seen him five times with his friend (manager).]

Violation of the Labor Standards Act.

Working without a contract with rights and obligations, Kim couldn't be strong against the company even if the family did chores.

According to some survey results, 3.4% of management workers only signed verbal contracts, and 11% did not write contracts at all.

[Celebrity manager A: You have quite a year, but he has never seen a contract. I received my salary from the company, and I didn't know what a contract was, so I turned to the company and looked at the contract. In such a case, there are (.)]

Mr. Kim is also the case.

The lack of insurance for the four major policies was also unfair.

Most of the work is driving, so if you have an accident, you need to get workers' compensation insurance.

However, regardless of probation, four or more hours of insurance are compulsory for workers over 15 hours a week.

The monthly wage of 1.8 million won, which is 5,000 won higher than the minimum wage, is based on working 40 hours a week.

However, Kim had to work 55 hours a week on average, and had to get overtime work, but he couldn't.

[Mr. Soon-Jae Lee, former manager: After work, I am tired, but after hours of work, I get 10 thousand won for some money, like tipping me like this. I was very proud of it and I was upset enough to really cry.]

Manager Kim claims to have been unfairly fired and is not affiliated.

This is because if there are less than 5 employees, there is no way to save them if you are unfairly fired.

The representative of the agency operates the acting academy and the agency, but the manager belongs to the agency, not the acting academy, and there are only three staff members: Soon-jae Lee and manager, so there is no problem with dismissal.

But let's look at the structure of this company.

The acting school and the agency representative are the same person and share the building.

The company that posted the job posting was seen by an acting academy and an interview acting academy, but after being hired, Kim became a member of an agency.

In fact, labor unions interpret that acting academies and planners can be seen in one body, and Lee Soon-jae is also subject to unfair dismissal and regulation of more than five employees, as he was supported by a manager as acting academy.

[Yinamjun / certified consultant. Each be different cases the business is the so report actual and yiraseo one of the sites that one if the workplace is more than an employee number 5 at the time of unfair dismissal remedy the LRC application is possible]

side, Mr. Lee Soon-jae Kim While Mr. Lee claimed in a media interview that three chores were done in two months, SBS had more evidence that family errands were routine, but did not report.

I pointed out a structural problem, but I thought it would make no sense to list more cases.

Because the absurd practices of the entertainment industry do not go away, it is because the easy perception of'Isn't it all?'

[Celebrity manager B: Since the entertainment work itself has been almost like this in the past, it's natural that this will happen. .]

Soonjae Lee told SBS reporters today, "I feel morally responsible for manager Kim."

He also said, "I hope this will clear up the unfair work of the managers who have been regarded as a practice."

(Video editing: Lee So-young)