Google removed 25 Android apps that attempted to steal passwords and login names from Facebook accounts from the Play Store. According to ZDNet , the apps have been downloaded a total of 2.34 million times.

The apps ranged from wallpaper apps to the game Solitaire . All apps pretended to be legitimate apps and functioned as advertised, but running rogue software in the background without the user realizing it.

All apps worked the same way. They could see what was in the foreground and once this was the Facebook app, the app showed a pop-up with a Facebook login screen. This was a phishing page on which the user had to enter his details. The data was then forwarded to the hackers behind the apps.

The apps have not only been removed from the Play Store by Google, but have also been disabled by users who have installed one or more of the apps. It is not clear how many passwords were stolen through the apps. Some apps have been in the Play Store for more than a year.