A sandy beach was created in Namyangju's Yongsusan Valley, giving the feeling of'beach in the city'.

Today (30th), according to Namyangju City, after the demolition of illegal facilities in the valley, the park was created in Cheonghakcheon, a valley in the mountains of the mountain. 

Cheonghakcheon is a place where tourists flock during the summer each year, but dozens of restaurants have always been in trouble because of illegal installation of tents and tents.
In October 2018, Namyangju City launched a task force (TF) to crack down on illegal operations in rivers and valleys, and first established four locations: Cheonghakcheon, Guuncheon, Pahlhyeoncheon, and Myojeokcheon. In March of last year, citizens stood out and declared'cleaning the river', and the restaurant owners steadily persuaded them to demolish all illegal facilities. Thanks to this, Namyangju City became the first city in the country to have a successful valley and river maintenance.

In the park around Cheonghakcheon, convenience facilities such as parking lots and toilets, hydrophilic facilities such as 2 large rocks and 15 stone chairs, and 6,800 square meters of plaza and 2 food truck zones were created.

In particular, the sandy beach, which is 160m long and 4-15m wide, and round pebbles are also placed next to it, creating a beach-like atmosphere. Namyangju City stated that it named this place'Cheonghak Beach' and said, "I can't cook or camp, so only cooked food can be brought in, but anyone can use it for free."
"If the social system has been globalization and openness until now, it will be a closed world, a non-facialization, and an era of local contact (a living zone in the defense zone)," said Mayor Nam Yang-joo of Cho. I want it and I will go there.”

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(Photo = Namyangju City/Yonhap News)