Today (29th) 8 o'clock news will start with the content we covered alone. It has been about five months since the first corona19 patient came out in Korea. In the meantime, we have obtained the results of the government's investigation of how many of our people have had corona in their bodies. So far, there are about 12,000 confirmed patients, but 50,000 people have antibodies. It is said that there are about 40,000 people who have had corona without knowing it, that is, there are hidden infections.

Report by Cho Dong-chan, a medical journalist alone, will continue.

<Reporter> The

number of corona19 confirmed patients in Korea is 12,757.

The number was confirmed by examining people who had contact or confirmed symptoms, so the actual number of patients was estimated to be higher.

This is because it is difficult to diagnose so-called'blinking patients' who have no symptoms and do not know the path of infection.

To determine the exact size of domestic infection, a recent corona19 test was conducted for the general public who had not been diagnosed with corona19.

Instead of the RT PCR test for the presence or absence of virus fragments, a test was used to check for the presence of antibodies in the blood.

This is because it is possible to get a better person even without knowing it.

In the first national health and nutrition survey in Korea, that is, a survey of 1,500 people in the public, the domestic antibody retention rate was about 0.1%.

When applied to 50 million people, it is said that more than 50,000 people have corona19 and then have antibodies, which is four times the number of 12,000 confirmed patients.

[Oh Myung-don/ Chairman of the Center for New Infectious Diseases: Knowing the rate of antibody positives, we've come to a quarter on the way we should go. You're in half. Or, you haven't even had a tenth. You can measure this.]

But it is very low compared to other major countries.

The United States, Sweden, and France are 14%, 6.1%, and 4.4%, respectively, which are tens of times higher than Korea, and Japan is 0.1%, similar to ours.


<Anchor> Here

is the medical journalist Cho Dong-chan who told you about this.

Q.'Antibody rate 0.1%… What about 50,000 infected people?

[Cho Dong-chan/Medical journalist: Many people often have asymptomatic symptoms that I don't know, but it's better to say a lot. You can see that the number came out. Currently, there are about 12,000 confirmed patients, but in fact, there are 52,000 infected people in Korea, 4 times more than that. However, the presence of antibodies may not necessarily mean that you are severely infected to infect others, and the presence of antibodies does not mean that you will never get corona19 again.]

Q. How to look at'low antibody formation rate' one?

[Cho Dong-Chan/Medical journalist: The retention rate of antibodies is several orders of magnitude lower than that of the United States and Europe, which means that the actual size of corona19 infection in Korea is several orders of magnitude smaller. As such, there is a positive meaning that Korea's Corona 19 was well-prepared.

However, in order for group immunity to work, 30% of the minimum population must have antibodies, and in this regard, it is analyzed that it is practically difficult to pursue group immunity. In Sweden, which is known for pursuing collective immunity, 6.1% came out, but the health authorities were very disappointed. Therefore, 99.9% of the Korean people must keep an eye on Corona 19, but we can say that we must not let go of tension.]

Q. What is the variable in the policy of prevention?

[Cho Dong-chan/Medical journalist: We believe that suppressing the number of patients until the vaccine or treatment drug is released seems to be the most reasonable policy. The future looks need also to identify the appropriate our actual infection of scale when through in order to establish the correct hygiene measures like this antibody testing.] 

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