T-Mobile will renew the interactive TV subscription. The service will be called T-Mobile TV and offers several new functions. That is stated in a message that has now been taken offline on the forum of the provider, Tweakers discovered on Monday.

The forum message with the announcement can still be viewed in Google's cache. In the message, T-Mobile announces the new features of T-Mobile TV.

For example, users can watch over forty TV channels for up to seven days. It is still unclear which channels they are. There will also be a recording function for an extra 5 euros per month, with which users can record programs in the cloud for later viewing.

The provider will transfer customers with a subscription for interactive TV in groups to the new service that requires a new box under the television. Existing customers with an Aria box and a DSL connection are the first to be transferred. Customers on fiber followed and customers with other types of TV boxes. People will receive a message if they can convert the subscription.

The new subscription only works in combination with a T-Mobile Thuis internet subscription. Some details are still missing. For example, T-Mobile writes about "hundreds of free movies, episodes and series" that can be viewed with the subscription. The offer is not yet known. It is also not clear when the new service will start. With the new box, no other video services such as Netflix can be used.