Reddit has banned the controversial The_Donald sub-forum. The platform is also closing two thousand other so-called subreddits and says it will take more strict action against the spread of hatred based on "identity and vulnerability".

The_Donald had previously been made more difficult to find by the social medium, because it would call for violence and thus violate the house rules. The sub-forum has around 790,000 users who share memes, messages and videos in support of US President Donald Trump.

The user community on The_Donald has been influential in building online momentum for Trump, including leading up to his election. Reddit banned the subreddit because it would break the rules consistently and spread hatred.

In addition to The_Donald, 2,000 other subreddits have been banned as part of a new policy. Most of these are inactive according to the Reddit. Two hundred of the closed sub-forums had more than ten daily users. The controversial socialist subreddit ChapoTrapHouse has also been banned.

Under the new policy, sub-forums and users who spread and incite hatred based on "identity and vulnerability" will be blocked, including religion, nationality, and ethnicity.

Reddit has been struggling with the question of how far users can go on the platform under the guise of freedom of expression for some time. The_Donald, along with other forums where, for example, the rape of women was justified or the victims of disasters were ridiculed, were much discussed.