Superintendent Lee Jae-jeong of the Gyeonggi-do superintendent said in a broadcast interview today (29th) that a private kindergarten in Ansan where mass food poisoning occurred did not keep the snacks as a preserved meal, saying, "Snacks are not legally preserved." After over 3 hours, he apologized and apologized for the harsh protests of Bo and others.

The preservation diet means that food ingredients are obliged to be left in a group meal facility for 144 hours in preparation for food poisoning.

The problem of not preserving some preservatives, such as snacks, in this kindergarten is one of the important issues in identifying the cause of this group's food poisoning. It is overturned.

However, victims of the criticism strongly criticized that the superintendent made irresponsible comments without sufficient review.

The superintendent posted a post on his Facebook today at about noon saying, "It was my fault that I failed to properly check the provisions of the Food Sanitation Act and the kindergarten's work manual." .

Earlier, in an interview with two broadcasters in the morning, he said, "If you look at the law, there is no need to preserve snacks."

Food hygiene law ((88, Paragraph 2 defines the conservation equation obligation) the 'snack' was intent was not timely.

In addition, "customary in the (thing that has not a snack preservation food storage)," said, "If you discard deliberately problem, but snacks "It is difficult to deliberately discard it because of such legal problems."

The Ansan A kindergarten is a courtesy of the health authorities, and it is served with royal rice cake (10-day snack), burdock stew (11-day lunch), steamed potato and watermelon (11-day snack), French toast (12-day snack), and mallow miso soup (15-day lunch) ), 6 dumplings and bananas (15-day snacks) were not kept.

Victims who encountered the broadcast interview immediately reacted.

The superintendent's remarks are contrary to the judgment of the health authorities that disposed the fines at the kindergarten because of'insufficient storage of preservation meals.' Because it was over-allocated.

"The apology apologizes to parents and students who have been victims for saying that they have not reviewed all the materials in advance," said the superintendent, who posted three hours after the protest was broadcast. I apologize for the confusion of the various agencies involved due to the problem.”

In addition, he said, "I will thoroughly verify whether there are any problems in the system and operation of the food service, as well as preventive measures and recurrence afterwards."

Despite the superintendent's clarification, the parents' backlash still stands.

The Superintendent of Education, the head of education of the largest metropolitan government, said he was irresponsible without recognizing the announcements and media reports from the health authorities.

A parent of a kindergarten victim of group food poisoning criticized, "Are parents complaining, aren't they making excuses and making corrections?"

In the comment of this superintendent's comment, there were protests that netizens who were supposed to be parents said, "Are you aware of the articles already reported through the media?", "Are you interviewing without knowing the laws and regulations?" Continued.

On the other hand, the principal of the kindergarten said in a text message sent to parents recently, "I did not knowingly discard the snack preservation meal, and it was because of my site (because I did not know)."

(Photo = Gyeonggi-do Office of Education, Yonhap News)