The Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate (SZW) warns internet users of e-mails that are sent on behalf of the organization and that contain an Excel attachment with a virus. The e-mail has the subject "Second notification - Investigation has started".

Examples of the rogue emails can be seen on the SZW website. The reason for the so-called investigation concerns a complaint about a company that allegedly violated labor law during a crisis period.

Cyber ​​criminals mention different complaint numbers, times and notification numbers in the email. It also mentions sanctions that the company may face, such as a lawsuit: "The complaint and investigation details are attached to this message. Please read the attached documents and respond accordingly. We have included the edited complaints and the exact allegations", reads the email.

If the recipient accidentally opened the file, the advice is to have the computer checked for malware. The Excel attachment contains a virus that installs malware on the computer.