The Indian government has blocked 59 mobile apps from China. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced this on Monday. The apps are "detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India," according to the government.

Among the dozens of apps is the globally popular video app TikTok. Well-known Chinese apps such as the messaging app WeChat and the social media platform Weibo are also banned in India.

The Indian government's message shows that the Ministry has received "many concerned messages from citizens about the security of their data in the apps". The Computer Emergency Response Team of India is also reported to have received many reports about the privacy conditions of the apps.

India says it takes the complaints seriously and calls the apps a threat to the independence and security of the country.

India accuses the apps of "stealing and sending user data to servers abroad without permission." The government does not go into detail about the abuse of the app developers. At the moment, the apps can still be found in the Indian app stores, TechCrunch writes Monday afternoon.