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Cheonan, the prosecution applied "murder" to a woman in her 40s who was accused of having her step-son locked up in a suitcase. It turns out that the woman locked her child in a suitcase and climbed over it and even ran several times.

I am TJB Cho Hye-won.


Daejeon Prosecutor Cheonan Branch Office applied the murder of the 41-year-old arrested sister, not the alleged child abuse death charges originally applied by the police.

On the 1st, Mr. A imprisoned his stepchildren B in a travel bag, imprisoned him for 3 hours, went home, and then returned to a smaller bag of 44 cm in width and 60 cm in length. It has been confirmed that it has been appealed several times.

[Ban's birth father: (Mr. A) If you can't get your hand out, put it back in, put a zipper on it, and watch your kids... .] In

addition, it was revealed that Mr. A climbed onto the bag where the child was locked and even ran several times.

In addition, a hair dryer was blown into the bag, which bothered me on group B, and after I got out of the bag, I left it for 40 minutes without relief.

The prosecution judged that the murder was intentional in light of the brutal abuses and the fact that the B group's cry and movement had been reduced.

The prosecution also confirmed the fact that Mr. A assaulted the B group with a yoga ring 12 times from July last year to May this year, before the death of the B group, and added suspicion of child abuse and special injury.

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