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Dirty period for the actors. Film production is paralyzed by the health crisis and their talent is threatened by the arrival of robots.

Erica, a humanoid robot doped with artificial intelligence, will play the main role in a science fiction feature film, reports Futura-Sciences . It will play its own role.

Meet Erica, the AI ​​robot cast in sci-fi film 'b.'

- The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) June 28, 2020

70 million euros budget

This film whose budget is substantial (70 million euros) is called  b . According to the first elements collected, it tells the story of a scientist who realizes the dangers of a program that he himself designed to improve human DNA. The man will then allow Erica, the robot he has shaped, to escape.

Problem: Erica was not designed to make films. Imagined by the famous roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro and his collaborator Kohei Ogawa, the humanoid had to confine himself to presenting the TV news in Japan. The task is therefore complicated for the film crew.

A human lining

Two years ago, Erica did not know how to move and had few bodily expressions. It was therefore necessary to start training so that the robot learned to play expressions as entrusted by the producer of  b, Sam Khoze, to the specialized media  The Hollywood Reporter .

For the moment, Erica is not yet ready, but production remains confident. She would still look for a real actress to replace the robot if he were not to be convincing during certain scenes.

After a few sequences shot in Japan last year, the shooting will continue in Europe in 2021.


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