After returning to school, 6 years ago when I started to prepare for work. I remember that seniors were making a lot of private companies that were high in salary and high in salary. Domestic refineries, so-called'oil houses', places like Samsung Electronics' IT mobile division. In public and public institutions, there were two unmatched companies that remained in the metropolitan area even though they included financial public enterprises. It was Incheon International Airport Corporation and Korea Horsepower Corporation. At that time, I thought, “It's quite a long way from me” because there are a lot of applicants with excellent'specs'.

The Incheon International Airport Corporation announced last week's decision to hire 1902 security screening personnel at the headquarters. There was anger. Incheon Airport Corporation's full-time employees and job seekers were particularly angry. In many articles published in the past week, the government often says, “There are many stakeholders surrounding Incheon International Airport.
In the press release released by Incheon International Airport Corporation, it is said that'the labor union has agreed with the KCTU and the Democratic Trade Union in accordance with the agreement of the labor-management expert since 2017.'

A lot of those stakeholders agreed three times (1st, 2nd, 3rd agreement), but will they come and speak differently? We need to see who the parties at the negotiating table were at the time of the three agreements and who agreed and disagreed with the agreement.

● Who broke the agreement? -The first agreement, which was incorrectly sewn from the first button

, will return to the first agreement on December 26, 2017. The agreement stated that 2,940 people from the fire brigade, wildlife charge, security guard, and security guard who decided to hire them at this time were employed by the Corporation. Based on this agreement, the Incheon Airport Corporation and the government say that the target for direct employment at the head office has already been decided three years ago.
However, at the time of the agreement, the union of regular workers at Incheon International Airport did not sign as saying, ``Promotion of full-time non-regular workers'' It is also said that the representatives of irregular workers at Incheon International Airport belonging to the Korea Federation of Trade Unions did not agree. Only two non-regular workers' unions belonging to the Incheon Airport Corporation and the Democratic Trade Union signed the agreement. The button was sewn incorrectly from the first agreement.

From this point on, the controversy over the continuity of the consensus was raised. Incheon International Airport Corporation says the 18th 2nd and 3rd agreements are being made based on the 17th agreement to convert security screening employees to regular positions.

However, if you look at the two parties that agreed to the agreement at the 2nd Labor-Management Council Agreement held in December 18th and the 3rd Labor-Management Council Agreement created in February of this year, you can see that'Oh, why are the arguments on the agreement different?'

● Who broke the agreement? -The Democratic Trade Unions are eliminated, and the Korean Union Workers' Union and the regular workers' unions are signed.

The agreement for the 2nd Labor-Management Agreement in December 18 is based on the contents of the introduction of competitive employment to prevent unfair recruitment, such as the corruption of hiring relatives. Particularly, after May 12, 17, when President Moon Jae-in promised to become a regular employee of a public institution, regular employees of non-regular workers must see competition again. At this time, the Incheon Airport Branch of the KCTU opposes and opposes the agreement. The KCTU countered that if the competition was adopted, the risk of dismissal and employment insecurity would arise.
● Who broke the agreement? -3rd Agreement on'Dong Sang Imong' The 3rd

Labor-Management Council was concluded on February 28th this year, and it is said that all major entities such as Incheon Airport Corporation, the Korean Workers' Union, non-regular workers' union, the Democratic Union's union, and the Incheon Airport Corporation's regular workers' union agreed. If so, I hope everyone is satisfied, but let's look at the contents of the agreement.
Here, the interpretation is staggered over the sentence that begins with "dan".

Incheon International Airport Corporation, explains that "according to the 17 first phase agreement Year 1902 found an item that originally headquartered temporary footing on the subsidiary until the problem because of a problem with the target inde take legal hiring directly.

On the other hand Incheon International Airport Corporation full-time union "We did not approve of the first agreement in 2017. The continuity of the first agreement cannot be admitted. Looking only at the text of the 3rd agreement, it is stated that '1,902 security screening agents need to resolve legal issues and are organized as subsidiaries'. On June 22nd, Incheon Airport Corporation's sudden'employment of a petitioner without a reorganization of the legal system' was not in agreement.” The

3rd agreement was signed by all major actors for a long time after the agreement was selected. It was said that the discussions and trials were repeated, and they would have chosen phrases that could be agreed upon and yielded to each other. I would like did differ was their soktteut.

● the week just legal counsel review the changed?

many say even with the rent-a-cop. Incheon International Airport Corporation is a "special guards' legal status is equivalent to 1,902 people security screening personnel current law on direct can not be employed, so I got advice from Kim & aenjang and proper December last year said that in both places through the amendment allows special security guards directly hire or be hired to petition the police.

However, Incheon International Airport Corporation myself below Likewise, he evaluated, “The petition of the petition is replaced by special guards due to aging and bureaucratization, and does not conform to the national policy direction.” This was reviewed in December of last year, and the 3rd agreement in February this year was also considered to'solve legal issues. Therefore, 1,902 security screenings were organized into subsidiaries.

According to the Incheon International Airport Corporation's regular workers' union, on April 13, this year, Incheon Airport again hired as a special security guard through law revision rather than petition police even in the'Research Report on the Service for Review of Changes in Law/Systems Related to Regular Workers' from Barun. I judge this is better.

However, a week later, Incheon International Airport Corporation received a new legal advisory from the law firm ○○, and according to the union's claim, "I received another legal advisory that overturns the results of the existing advisory and declared the transition to a full-time job as a graduate." The legal advisory report is attempting to secure coverage. Of course, even if a different review than the previous discussion has occurred, this is for reference only, and the decision of Incheon International Airport Corporation is left to you.

It is said that Incheon Airport Corporation's top agencies, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the National Police Agency, the Ministry of National Defense, and the National Intelligence Service, met several times during this decision process and reviewed the law to make this decision. It is said that the employment of security screening personnel was agreed upon three years ago, so the petition police, which is the next best option, was chosen over the revision of the law, which took some time.

The full-time union countered that after the third agreement in February of this year, Incheon Airport Corporation's decision to convert jobs directly went to a surprise meeting with no explanation from the company. It is the position that the final decision was first learned through a press release released at 8 pm on the 21st (Sun).

● The promise was kept once the

controversy was settled and 1,902 security screening personnel were hired as petition police officers. 2,143 of the 9,785 full-time employees were converted to employment, and the remaining 7,642 became full-time employees belonging to three subsidiaries under Incheon Airport.

As you can see, the regularization of non-regular workers at Incheon Airport over the past three years has been in favor and opposition from various actors. Some have signed formal first, second, and third agreements, while others have claimed to be scrapped. Therefore, I feel sorry for the explanation of Incheon Airport Corporation's "The 1st, 2nd and 3rd agreements were agreed upon by all stakeholders of the corporation."

As of June of this year, the contract of the security screening agents belonging to the subsidiary was terminated, and there is a voice that the government and Incheon International Airport Corporation should have made a decision anyway. It is undeniable that, given the circumstances that the'deadline' has been established, there has not been a sufficient explanation from the Incheon Airport non-regular workers' unions, including the regular workers at Incheon Airport. After three years of consultation due to lack of communication, the confrontation between the company and employees has only increased. Full-time unions are preparing for public interest audits of constitutional and auditors.