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was reported that after turning on a high-light on a vehicle ahead, he was subjected to retaliatory driving such as sudden stop and interruption, and even assaulted by a fist in the middle of the road. The offending driver was put into the police.

Reporter Kang Min-woo reports alone.


On the night of the 13th, the front car suddenly brakes when the rear car rushes fast to the vehicle running on the overpass lane.

When the driver in the back of the car turns on the high beam again, the car in front decreases a few more times.

[Mr. Choi / Victim of retaliatory driving: (by changing lanes) I went to the side and opened a window and cursed. I was angry at the time and I used to swear words together... . From then on, I was just chasing after the speed.] The

vehicle that was chasing after the fertilization stopped at the exit of the highway by a shoulder and blocked the vehicle.

After avoiding this, I came back and blocked my car.

From the left turn lane over there, the vehicle was crossed over to the center line and threatened to block the vehicle.

Then he got out of the car and started assaulting.

In the assault that started as soon as the car stopped, Victim Choi hit his face 10 times in the middle of the round-trip 12 times,

[ Chief / Victim of Retaliation: As soon as he followed, his fist immediately flew without saying anything.]

Concussion symptoms and tooth pain Is receiving hospital treatment.

[Mr. Choi / Victim of retaliatory driving: At that time, while driving, my mind suddenly suddenly lost my strength, and I was surprised and anxious by myself... .]

[Bong Kyun Choi / Attorney: Retaliation Driving I mentioned that these things can be a violation of road traffic laws and special assaults under the criminal law, and (assault) could be punished for injury if a medical certificate was issued.]

Gyeonggi Gimpo Police Station The suspect is accused of assault and is considering whether to add charges related to retaliation.

(Video coverage: used, video editing: Park Ki-duk)