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Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, kindergarten children are grouped in an accident and investigation into food poisoning, but they still do not understand how they got sick. Some parents say they would like to take the kindergarten legally.

This is reporter Park Chan-beom. Parents of victims of


claim that the procrastination of kindergartens and local governments has increased their anger.

Some kindergarteners started showing up with food poisoning on the 12th, and the closure of the kindergarten took place on the 19th of the past week.Some victims are considering legal response, saying they neglected the management of food materials and neglected the spread of infection.

[Yang Jae-hee/The victim of a victim: Some medical staff seemed to be sharing (Hamburger disease). Rather, the kindergarten side has seen many people who are trying to hide too much without revealing information.]

Civic groups have also filed complaints with the prosecution for violating the Food Sanitation Act.

[Janghana / political Mom activist: there is also not even clarify the truth it's been ten days later came the first symptoms, sipgoyo whether I missed the prime time]

Health authorities still do not understand what happened this chapter hemorrhagic E. coli entering kindergarten There is.

Meanwhile, the number of bequest boxes among all kindergarten students and workers increased to 111.We have acquired a table of learning programs to find out if there is no infection from environmental samples such as preservation food and cooking utensils in kindergarten.

The kindergarten has been ordered to close by the 30th of this month, and health authorities are also considering extending the closure.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Bang Myung-hwan)