It is known that Mr. Kang, a former social worker who has been known as Jo-bin Jo's accomplice and threatening teacher for 9 years, has made an unusual request to the court.

Yesterday (25th), the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Settlement Division 30 (Deputy Judge Hyun-Woo Lee) was in charge of trials against Jo Joo-bin, the'Park Bang' operator, Lee Mo's accomplice'Pacific', and Kang, a former social worker, Kang. He pointed out the fact that he asked not to disclose his judgment to the public.

According to the Criminal Procedure Act, the defendant has the right to apply to the court to limit the reading and copying of his judgment. When the judgment is released to a third party, the court decides whether to accept the application, considering whether the defendant's honor or privacy, privacy, or security of life or fear of harm may be compromised.

However, in the case of sexual assault cases, it is common that the object of reading the judgment is strictly limited to protect the privacy of the victim, even if the defendant does not have a separate request. Nevertheless, it is presumed that Kang's demand for'restrictions on reading and copying judgment' was extremely reluctant to disclose the facts of his specific crimes to the public.

Judge Lee said, "Original sexual violence cases are not well leaked out. Of course, lawyers, lawyers, have the right to read." "I paid a little early. Please be patient."

The teacher's former high school teacher's writings on the bulletin board of the National Blue House in Cheong Wa Dae attracted attention, and demands for a new disclosure of Mr. Kang's request came out. The teacher said, "I have always lived in anxiety and fear from the threat of murder for 9 years from 2012 to 2020," and moved to avoid Mr. Kang, and changed his name and social security number, but complained that the threat began.

Public opinion was tumultuous with about 520,000 people agreeing to the petition, but Mr. Kang eventually escaped the disclosure.

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