The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo will work with a Google sister company Waymo on a self-driving car, the companies announced Thursday. It is an electric vehicle that must be able to be used for taxi services.

Waymo will focus on autonomous driving technology, such as software and hardware, such as cameras and other sensors. The vehicles will be designed and manufactured by Volvo. The two companies have not announced when the car should be ready.

Volvo is currently also working for taxi company Uber to supply self-driving vehicles. The Swedish company continues to do so, even now that it is entering into a partnership with Uber competitor Waymo. Although Waymo does not operate taxis on the same scale as Uber, the two companies are in each other's waters in this regard.

Plans for Uber's deployment of self-driving cars suffered a blow in 2018 after a test vehicle became involved in a fatal accident in 2018. The car collided with a pedestrian. It later turned out that the human driver, who should intervene if necessary, was distracted.