A group of outraged people have passed their own 'sentence': "Stop using the Conguitos brand . It is racist ." This is claimed by the more than 2,500 signatories to a petition on Change.org to "stop marketing" a product that "stigmatizes" the black population . The promoters of this initiative also call on the consumer to join the boycott and no longer buy the famous chocolate-coated peanuts.

The message accuses LACASA , the Aragonese firm that created the well-known lacasitos, of having commercialized the product over the years "without erasing the racist characteristics" , which would be two: the term itself, Conguitos, and "the cartoon illustration of a black man with big red lips. "

The campaign has already been extended to networks and coincides with the international mobilizations of the Black Lives Matter's proclamation against racism. On Twitter, for example, there are those who are in favor and show it with indignation messages: "We are signing this petition to get rid of racist marketing"

There is also no lack of contrary messages. Some have even ridiculed the campaign:

Public apology request

The movement does not end there. Another of the demands is that LACASA ask for forgiveness "towards the black population ". The company, the statement continues, could also "dedicate part of the proceeds to organizations that fight racism."

The situation is that they expose is that "the time has come to ask ourselves how unconsciously this cultural racism is attached to our DNA ". And the answer, for them, is simple: repentance and withdrawal of supposedly hurtful products.

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