Aero K, a low-cost airline based in Cheongju International Airport, introduced the first'genderless' uniform.

On the 23rd, Vogue Korea unveiled the Aero K cabin crew uniform on their Instagram account. There is no separate skirt suit, and the design of women's and men's uniforms is the same.
Spring/autumn tops are jackets on one-to-one t-shirts, and summer tops are short-sleeved t-shirts and vests. The bottoms are all the same as pants, and the shoes are sneakers instead of shoes. 
"We wanted to avoid gender discrimination in costumes and gender commercialization of female crew," said Kim Sang-bo, head of the Aero K Marketing division, which led the introduction of genderless uniforms. 

In terms of appearance, AeroKay is also more autonomous than other airlines, allowing you to wear glasses and to put less hair restrictions on it. It is said that the regulations on makeup are working with a cosmetic brand that promotes genderlessness to create guidelines that apply to both men and women.
The netizens who heard the news continued to receive favorable reviews such as "I hope this airline will change other airlines as well", "It looks much more comfortable" and "It seems like a good attempt".

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(Photo ='voguekorea' Instagram, Aero K YouTube)