Facebook buys the studio Ready At Dawn, behind The Order 1886 and Daxter - Geeko

The Californian studio Ready At Dawn joined the Oculus division after its acquisition by Facebook. The transaction aims to strengthen the development pole of the American giant, which is focusing heavily on virtual reality with its Oculus division, bought in 2014 for 2.3 billion dollars.

If virtual reality is struggling to take off, Facebook intends to continue its efforts by investing massively in exclusive developments. Last November, the social network had already swallowed the small development studio behind the huge success Beat Saber , a rhythmic cardio game, in which players must manipulate a lightsaber to destroy targets. Facebook has also signed agreements with several publishers for the release of exclusives on its platform.

A successful studio

Close to Sony, Ready at Dawn had developed several successful franchise spin-offs on behalf of the Japanese giant, including Daxter , God of War: Chains of Olympus or God of War: Ghost of Sparta , before signing an exclusivity for the launch of PS4, The Order 1886 .

Since 2017, Ready at Dawn has specialized in the production of VR games. The studio has several creations to its credit, including Lone Echo , Echo Arena and Echo Combat .


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