The data of hundreds of vulnerable asylum seekers was online for a short time last week, after the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) accidentally published it on their website. The NRC reports this on Wednesday.

This concerns privacy-sensitive information from victims of human trafficking, such as names, dates of birth and telephone numbers. The persons fell victim to multiple incidents at various Dutch asylum seekers centers.

The document allegedly reports of women who are picked up at parking places at the centers at night, or LGBTI people who are afraid of their families, among other things.

COA tells the NRC to regret the leak. The incident was reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, which will investigate the incident. How often the document was downloaded in the time it was online is unknown.

The data came online after the Radio 1 program Argos applied for information via the Public Access Act (WOB) about Nigerian asylum seekers.

The documents released included a document containing 1,200 police reports by COA personnel. The reports concern possible cases of exploitation of asylum seekers from countries such as Nigeria, Syria, Eritrea, Iran and Vietnam.