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The PlayStation 4 is dead, long live the PlayStation 5. Or PS5, for friends. Or rather 'Play5', for Spanish speakers. Be that as it may, your console is officially old and, unless you are going to buy an Xbox Series X, direct competition, you will soon have to make the leap.

Although video game consoles have been killing them for years thanks to the popularization of streaming, formats such as PlayStation Now, from Sony itself; xCloud, the Microsoft service; or Stadia, which Google does; At the moment they have not finished with the generational relays that occur every six or seven years between consoles.

What is special about the PlayStation 5? How much will it cost? What makes it different from a PS4? How much are you going to have to spend when your patience runs out after months is listening to your children who want the new fashion console?

The PS5 has two versions: digital and with reader

The most important thing to know about PS5 to start is that there are two. On the one hand, the PlayStation 5 simply, which includes all its components, which is more powerful than the PS4, which has a new and risky design ... and which has a disk reader to be able to read the games you buy on Amazon or in Game.

On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which loses said disc reader, which is why it is thinner and more symmetrical; and that you can only play the games you buy and download on the PlayStation Store, the console's official digital store.

In other words, with the PlayStation Digital you save having game boxes around the house, but in return you will not be able to resell them or leave them to friends, because unless Sony changes how its digital store works, this is not possible.

The hard drive is very fast

Beyond that the PS5 games will look better, they will be bigger and that the console is much more powerful than its predecessor, what has given more talk recently is its hard drive.

However charismatic it may be to define a console by the piece that stores the installed games (buy the game on disk or digitally, you have to install it anyway), the PS5 hard drive turns out to be of a new generation so fast that it will allow you to load games without loading screens, as long as they have been adapted to this technology appropriately.

If all goes well, future PS5 games won't take a few seconds, or minutes, to load the next screen. And this would also benefit the facilities of the games: although your Internet speed also matters, the console will install the games in less than a cock crows.

It is giant and has two positions

The great controversy of the moment, which has given for a few quite funny jokes, is that the PS5 is great. Very big. Bigger than its direct rival (which in return is wider) and much more than the PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3 and ... any other PlayStation or game console from the past, including the original Xbox.

Although you are going to have to change the furniture of the TV to put it in, this translates into something positive: it is not going to heat up so much, so it is not going to spoil so much of the use; And it won't make as much noise, because the fan will dissipate the temperature more comfortably and won't spin as fast.

Sony has shown that it will be possible to place your mastodon both vertically and horizontally, although a penalty will be necessary for both positions. Due to this, we assume that the base will be included with the console, but it may not.

You will be able to play PS4 games, but not all

The PS5 is 'backward compatible', a term that gamers use to say that it can play the games from the previous console, the PS4 in this case. But it isn't entirely: Not all PS4 games will work on PS5 on launch day.

Sony says that around the 100 most popular PS4 games will work on PS5 without the need to do anything strange: put it on the console or download it, and voila.

They have not communicated exactly what games they will be, but we already know that titles like Fortnite or GTA V will be available on PS5, the latter as an improved version that launches in 2021. Other games, such as Destiny 2 or Cyberpunk 2077, give you the version of PS5 if you had previously bought the PS4.

The remote vibrates in a special way

The new PS5 controller is not called DualShock 5, but DualSense. It is a new type of controller with a central touchpad, built-in microphone, headphone jack (and 3D sound output through it) and a more advanced vibration motor system than previous Sony controls.

By using haptic vibration technology, similar to that of high-end mobiles, you can reproduce more subdued and precise vibrations, to the point that, according to Sony, you can feel the rain drops falling on the character you are handling.

All this will depend on how well the video game developers implement the new features of the controller, so not all games will get as much out of it, but if you have the big controls, at least it seems that the DualSense will be much more comfortable than its predecessor .

We do not know the release date or price

But we suspect it: November 20, 2020, a round date where there are (20-11-20); and for 500 euros. This was leaked by Amazon France, which seems to have screwed up a bit when registering the product in its database.

It remains to be seen if the digital version will be somewhat cheaper than the disk version, something that Sony is interested in to end the second-hand market (which makes it lose money) and something that many players can see with bad eyes, because having physically the game is still something important for many.

There are still several months ahead until the launch of the PS5, so Sony will go through all the information that remains in new announcements and press conferences.

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