In Changnyeong, South Korea, a 35-year-old stepfather and a 28-year-old mother were sent to the prosecution for child abuse allegedly holding a 9-year-old daughter's hand with a frying pan and leaving it tied with a chain. The police handed over the stepfather and birth mother to the prosecutors and offered to apply for charges of abusive child abuse and to aggravate them. 

The Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency sent the stepfather and his relatives to the prosecution for prosecuting the abuse of a 9-year-old sheep with tools. The police applied the provisions of recidivism under the Child Abuse Punishment Act, which is severely punished for special injuries. In this case, in addition to the special injuries, the penalties can be up to one-half of the penalties imposed for imprisonment for one year to ten years.

The police handed over the investigation records to the prosecution, which included sufficient investigation and evidence of the mother's birth, treatment in the state of the mother's administration, and the need to investigate the relationship between the stepfather and the mother.

The couple's cruel child abuse situation was uncovered on the 29th of last month as Ms. A escaped next door through a four-story villa porch where she barefoot. Miss A stated that his parents had abused him by tying his neck with a chain or using his chopsticks that had been heated to support his instep and sole.