When the firefighter's daughter died, she appeared in 32 years and was sentenced to pay 70 million won for child support to the birth mother who took tens of millions of won.

According to the legal community on the 16th, Judge Seung-mo Hong, the single member of the House of Representatives Namwon-jiwon Jeonju District Court recently filed a lawsuit filed against A's father, A(63), against his ex-wife B(65). "Please pay the won."

The court ruled on the premise that "parents are responsible for jointly raising a child who is a minor, and the cost of raising the child should be divided and paid in principle."

The court explained the reason for the ruling, "The claimant (Mr. A) raised alone with the other party (Mr. B) from the time of the divorce in 1988 to the adult age, and the other party never paid child support to the claimant."

The lawsuit brought about 80 million won, including survivor's benefits and death benefits, suddenly appearing after the birth of Mr. A's daughter, who worked at a fire station in the metropolitan area in January last year (32 years old at the time of death), made a sudden choice. Mr. A filed when he took over the money.

The Office of Human Resources Innovation recognized the fact that her daughter died from suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression in the course of work, and resolved to pay the survivor's survivor's claim claimed by Mr. A last November.

At the same time, the Government Employees Pension Corporation, which implements the resolution of the Personnel Innovation Office, informed Mr. B of this, and money was paid.

Upon learning of this fact, Mr. A filed a household lawsuit against Mr. B, claiming 119 million won in child support to Namwon Support in the Jeonju District Court.

The reason was that Mr. B had never met his family since his divorce in 1988, and he hadn't been to a daughter's funeral home and had no role as a parent.
In addition to the legal dispute between Mr. Gu's older brother and his mother over the recently controversial singer Goo Hara's legacy, he also added that parents who did not fulfill their parenting duties do not qualify for inheritance.

However, Mr. B said in court, "After A divorce, Mr. A blocked access to his daughter, and Mr. A's daughter upbringing was due to a unilateral and selfish purpose to motivate him to pay for his support."

After the trial, the judge eventually refused to accept Mr. B's claim and raised Mr. A's hand.

Kang Shin-moo, a lawyer representing Mr. A's lawsuit, said, "This court's decision is to fulfill the obligations of parents who have not fulfilled their obligations to a biological mother who has left childrearing for more than 30 years from 1988 at the time of divorce to the last year after her daughter died." "I will sue you when it is confirmed that my mother has already left my daughter's survivor benefits," he said.

(Photo = Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)