PlayStation 5: what is still unknown on the console of Sony - Geeko

If Sony has revealed the technical specifications of its machine, its design and its new controller, the Japanese giant has yet to communicate on several aspects of its console. Several strangers remain.

The price

Since yesterday, we know that the PS5 will be available in two versions: a classic model with disc player and a Digital Edition model, which can only run dematerialized games. Sony, however, has not yet released the prices of these two models and will probably not do so before September. It seems unlikely for the moment that the Japanese giant sells off its consoles. Sony is the current market leader and it leaves with a clear advantage over its rivals. Nothing forces him to cut back on his profits.

The most plausible hypothesis would be that the PS5 Digital Edition will be sold at around 499 euros, and its big sister at a price of 599 euros at least. But these are assumptions, but don't expect lower prices than the previous generation. From the opening of pre-orders, consumers will be fixed.

Backward compatibility

PlayStation 5: what is still unknown on the console of Sony - Geeko

Sony promises the backward compatibility of more than a hundred of the most popular PS4 games at the launch of the PS5. In theory, most PS4 games can be played on PS5. The developers will however have to make some adjustments.

As for previous generations, it is more complicated. If, at the outset, Sony spoke of backward compatibility over several generations, the subject has completely disappeared from radars. As on PS4, it could be that the PS3 and PS2 games are playable, but only in streaming, when they appear in the PS Now catalog. Even if a player has a PS3 game in a digital version, they probably won't be able to play it on PS5. For now, nothing certain, but that's what logic would want given the lack of communication from Sony on the subject and its strategy on its previous generation of machines. What we know today is that making games from previous generations backwards compatible on a machine like the PS5 is not that easy…

Exact date of release

The PlayStation 5 will be available in stores in late 2020. Probably between November and December. Before the holidays, after the start of the school year. No date is however specified for the moment.

The Xbox Series X is rumored to arrive in stores a few days or weeks upstream. The PS5 would therefore be a little behind its rival.

The production of the machine would however be on schedule, despite the Covid-19 epidemic.

Launch games

PlayStation 5: what is still unknown on the console of Sony - Geeko

At its last conference, Sony lifted the veil on 29 next-gen games, including several exclusives. These will be released between the end of 2020 and 2022. The manufacturer has not yet specified which games would accompany the launch of the machine. A priori, Spider-Man Miles Morales would be part of it. He would be accompanied by Sackboy , and some multi- media titles including NBA 2K21 , GTA Online , Fortnite and most likely Assassin's Creed Valhalla .


Sony is reportedly working on a new model of VR headset. The old one should be compatible with the PS5 anyway. However, we did not see a single VR game at the Sony conference. It is possible that Sony is dedicating an event to them, if the giant has not given up. If the PSVR has sold relatively well, it remains a niche product. We will have to wait until the PS5 release date approaches to find out more…


A few months before the arrival of the PS5, Sony has sold more than 110 million PS4


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