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Anyone with children at home knows it. YouTube continues to be the king of entertainment for the youngest in Spain . During the quarantine period, between the months of March and April, children between 4 and 15 years of age have spent almost 75 minutes a day watching videos on the platform, about 12 minutes more than they used to do before arrival. of COVID-19.

It's a long time, yes, but the crown is about to change hands. Already in February, the number of minutes spent on YouTube began to show signs of wear and tear and the reason is none other than TikTok, the short video social network that has positioned itself as an entertainment alternative among the younger audience .

The data comes from a study carried out by the Qustodio app that has analyzed the consumption habits of entertainment and social media apps for more than 60,000 children in the US, the UK and Spain.

According to the study, among Spanish youths the consumption of TikTok increased 150% to 71 minutes a day during the same period, that is, only 4 minutes less than what YouTube is now intended to watch .

Both entertainment services are comparable because what is consumed in them is video, but TikTok has more in common with classic social networks. Here he is still far from the favorite pastime of young Spaniards, which is Instagram. In February 2020, before the quarantine period began, the little ones spent 72 minutes a day browsing the stories and photos of this application. Now, that number has grown 24% to 89 minutes a day.

Those responsible for Qustodio point out that the virus and the quarantine have served to accelerate a trend that was already clear. Among the new generations, television consumption is disappearing and being replaced by an amalgam of entertainment apps such as Netflix or the aforementioned YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

At the same time, the number of minutes of the day spent on games has also grown from previous years. In Spain, children spend more than 50 minutes a day playing different apps and games on mobile, tablet or PC. The most played is Brawl Stars, followed by Clash Royale and Roblox. In U.S.A. and the United Kingdom, Roblox occupies the first position, followed by Minecraft, which despite being well known, has less penetration in Spain .

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