The police who have unlocked the mobile phone password of the Telegram'Dr. Bang' operator Jo Joo-bin (24) are discovering several male IDs in the cell phone to confirm their involvement in the crime.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency met with reporters today (8th) and said, "There were several ID cards on Joo-Bin's mobile phone." The.

In addition, he explained that Jo Joo-bin, etc., discovered additional e-wallets that received money, and confirmed the transaction details.

The police have been investigating and hiring more than 60 paid members of the doctor's room, and have finished investigating 13 of them.

Twelve people were sent to the prosecution in the opinion of the prosecution, and one staying abroad was suspended (disposition for prosecution to be taken until the cause is resolved if the investigation cannot be terminated due to reasons such as unknown suspect).

Indeed, the investigation of Jo Ju-bin and other accomplices is in the final stage.

A police official said, “18 out of 20 accomplices, including Cho Joo-bin, were sent to the prosecution, and the remaining two have been nearly completed.”

The police plan to assist in crackdowns in the event of an order to prohibit collective gathering in relation to the recent corona 19 collective infection of visiting sellers.