Tomorrow (8th) At 10:30 am, the suspected interrogation of the vice-president Lee Jae-yong of Samsung Electronics will be held in court 321 at the Seoul Court General Office Building 321.

The judge who will decide whether to arrest the vice-president is the deputy judge of the Seoul Central District Court, Won Jeong-suk (46, 30th Judicial Research and Training Institute).

The vice-chairman case was assigned to the original vice-president Judge according to the usual'randomized computerized dividend' method.

Judge Won was born in Gumi, Gyeongbuk, and graduated from Gumi Girls' High School and Kyungpook National University. He passed the 40th judicial exam in 1998 and was appointed as a judge in Daegu District Court in 2001.

In March, Judge Won Won quickly issued a screening warrant for Telegram'Dr. Bang' operator Jo Joo-bin (24).

At the time, he said, "The matter is serious in that it not only caused severe pain to the victims, but also promoted the distorted sex culture of our society."

However, last month, the arrest warrant against Mr. Song Mo, who worked in a similar telegram chat room, was dismissed.

The warrant warrant judge is to receive the arrest warrant or seizure search warrant in a short period of time, and prior to the decision of the principal, the mental burden of deciding whether to deprive the body of the suspect is large, and the judges who are most recognized are placed.

Vice Chairman Lee was the first to undergo a warrant review in January 2017.

Park Young-soo, the special prosecutor's team in charge of investigating the National Agricultural Cooperatives case, filed for a warrant of arrest for Lee's arrest on charges of bribing former President Park Geun-hye, but the results were dismissed.

But one month later, charges of embezzlement, perjury, etc. were added, and a warrant for arrest was reclaimed, and eventually the vice-president became the body of English.

Vice Chairman Lee was released in February 2018 after five years of imprisonment in the first trial was commuted from two trials to two years and six months in prison and four years in probation.

Vice Chairman Lee is on the road again after three years and five months.

In the warrant screening, the arrest will be decided late on the 8th or early on the 9th.

If a warrant is issued, the vice-chairman will be put back in jail after two years and four months.

The prosecution who requested the warrant suspects that the merger between Samsung C&T-Cheil Industries in 2015 and Samsung Biologics' accounting changes in the future has been conducted to ensure the succession of the vice chairman.