"I can't just put this. I've sold comfort women. Why are you selling us?"

On the 6th, Grandmother Lee Yong-soo, a victim of the Japanese comfort women, filed high-level criticism against related civic groups at the Heeum History Museum, which was held on the 6th.

Grandmother Lee Yong-soo was the only victim of the Japanese comfort women in Daegu, and recently criticized the suspicion of insolvency accounting of the Justice Memory Regiment (Jui-Yeon Jung), and strongly criticized Assemblywoman Yoon Mi-Hyang (former Chairman Jeong-Yeon Jeong).

At the memorial service, Grandma Lee Yong-soo opened her mouth and said, "My sisters haven't been able to do this and I'm crying like this."

"My sisters, I will pay back this enemy in the end," Lee said, "I will make a comfortable education center as a comfort women's history hall to make sure that the comfort women issue is apologized and compensated."

Next, "Wednesday demo (Wednesday), we have to get rid of this," he said. "Sisters, I can solve this and I can go to the sky and talk to our first sisters."

He said, "I went to bring Kim Bok-dong, a blindfolded woman, who said she solved the problem of comfort women. "I will solve it. I hope you will bless and bless people all over the world. I wore it.
When reporters inquired about Congresswoman Yoon Mi-hyang, Grandmother Lee Yong-soo said, "Why did not help any citizens gather with the countermeasures council and mental grandmother for 26 years?" "There is no one."

"I have nothing to say. If I commit a sin, I have to be punished," he said to Congressman Yoon Mi-hyang, again at the Heeum History Museum. "I didn't see a press conference. What are you trying to do?"

The memorial service was hurriedly finished with a close appreciation of the furious grandmother Lee Yong-soo.

The Citizens' Meeting with the Grandmother Grandmother is June 6th of each year, the day of the Memorial Day for the victims of the Japanese military in Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and commemorates the victims of comfort women who have traveled the world.

In Daegu and Gyeongbuk, 27 victims of the Japanese comfort women officially registered with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

In Daegu, this grandmother lives in Pohang, Gyeongbuk Province, and one grandmother survives.

(Photo = Yonhap News)