It is dangerous to gather a lot of people. This weekend, water parks and large water parks have been reopened, and more than 5,000 dentists have gathered in Seoul.

Is it okay here? Reporter Cho Yun-ha went and looked at it.

<Reporter> This

is a large water park in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

On the weekends, the weather is hot, and the water playground is filled with crowds.

In the same year, over 10,000 people visited a day, but today (6th) there are over 400 visitors.

Because of concerns about corona infection, the Waterpark has taken strong measures in accordance with the quarantine guidelines.

[Good morning. Can you show me the questionnaire first?] This

is the entrance to the water park that was just opened. When entering, you must wear a mask like this, and a fever check is also performed.

You must also scan the QR code to create a mobile questionnaire to enter.

The shower room is spaced by 1 space for each locker room, and there are no communal items such as combs or dryers that may cause infection.

Although there were few people who visited, social distance was maintained, but users who ignored the recommendation to wear a mask outside the water were noticing.

[Lee Soo-bin: Some people don't wear masks... It's nice to come, but I think the anxiety is correct.]


[Please keep the gap. When you enter] About

200 dentists sit in a row and listen to the lecture.The International Dental Equipment Exhibition, which is expected to attend up to 5,500 people, began at Coex, Seoul yesterday (5th).

Initially, Seoul City recommended restraining the event, but the organizers enforced the event.

The organizer explained that although a thermal imaging camera was installed and only mask wearers were allowed to enter the venue, dentists had to undergo mandatory training to maintain their license.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it would claim compensation for damages if a violation of the quarantine rules was discovered through an on-site inspection.

(Video coverage: Hyun-Cheol Park, Myeong-Koo Kim, Nam-Sung Kim, Video Editing: Hwang Ji-Young, Helicopter Control: Min Byeong-Ho)