These days, the top of Deokyusan Mountain has azaleas in full bloom. Visitors climb the sparse mountains, but hikes alone are increasing more than families or groups.

This is Lee Yong-sik.


This is the summit of Deokyusan Mountain where the recording is getting darker.

Azalea flowers blooming through the green forest painted a watercolor.The azalea, which has blossomed since the end of last month, colored the fresh green mountain in pink in a week.

Visitors who climbed the mountain carefully while wearing a mask feel like a heart healed by corona.

[Shin Soon-hwa/ Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do: Because of the corona, it's very difficult, but when I see such pretty flowers, I feel like I'm just healing my body and mind.] The

pale pink flowers made a flower path along the 700-meter trail from Hyangjeokbong to Jungbong.

Summer wildflowers blooming around the trail also catch the hiker's footsteps.

Due to the influence of Corona 19, the number of visitors to Deokyusan Mountain has also decreased, especially on weekends such as mountaineering.

The average number of visitors on the weekend was 650, 44% less than last year, but on weekdays, it increased by 20% to 210.

[I would like to keep the visit distance of about 2 meters.]

Deokyusan National Park limits the number of visitors to 200 on weekdays and 1,500 on holidays until the 26th to protect and protect the ecosystem.

(Video coverage: Kang Yun-gu)