The new version of the Microsoft Edge browser came to address errors, software bugs, and instabilities that witnessed the test versions that were released from the browser during the past January and March. This version is that it automatically comes with Windows 10 operating system updates, without having to manually install it separately, as before.

This was the conclusion of the technical reviews, which were conducted by a number of analysts, among them the analysts of the «ZDNet» network specialized in technology, for the new version of “EDGE”, which was presented by the company «Microsoft», within the general update of the operating system «Windows 10» Last Wednesday.

Purification of pitfalls

One of the most prominent features that have been focused on clearing them of pitfalls and instability in the new "EDGE" version is the password monitoring feature, which informs users if the credentials they have saved are automatically populated on dark Web sites, where "EDGE" is reviewed. »Lists of credentials published on these sites, and in the event that any of them is found to match the saved username, in addition to the password, a notification will be issued immediately within the browser indicating action, and then users will be able to use their control panel in the settings to see a list With all the leaked credentials, to change them.

Smart Copy and Paste

Emphasis has also been placed on the smart copy and paste feature, a feature that enables the identification, copying and pasting of exact content that a user wants from any "website", while maintaining the "web" format. The pasted text will retain its original format, including images or links.

This feature allows users to collect information from «web» sites and export them to files or capture them later, without the need to open additional applications.

Another important feature is the vertical display of tabs, which makes the tabs appear in a vertical image to the left of the page, and not just along the top, so that the user can choose the layout or layout that suits him to display the tab page, which makes the roaming experience on The Internet is unique, and this feature also allows you to specify the types of news sources and materials that the user wants to access constantly.

Compatible with plugins

In addition, Microsoft performed additional review and support, making EDGE achieve better compatibility with additions and web sites, in addition to providing great support for the latest capabilities in the field of displaying content, dealing with web applications and developer tools. Modern used in building websites, providing electronic services, and compatibility with all displays, in terms of sizes and different devices.

10 notes for the new version

A senior Microsoft company official, Martin Brinkman, said in a post posted on the company's official support page, that the new browser supports work with all versions of Windows 10 and Windows 7, and also supports work with Mac systems for desktop computers. And portable, and «Mac iOS» systems for smart phones and tablets, as well as «Android» smart phones, specifying 10 notes related to the new version are the following:

■ Migrate the tags, boxes, and abbreviations for the start menu for the current version of "Edge" to the new "Edge".

■ The flags and shortcuts for the current version will be migrated to the new version.

■ The new "Edge" will be installed on the taskbar automatically.

■ The new version of Edge will add a shortcut to the desktop.

■ Most of the protocols dealt with by the current Edge will be automatically migrated to the new Edge.

■ The current version of the Edge will be hidden from the operating system interfaces, control panels, setup and use.

■ Attempts to start the current version will be redirected to the new version.

■ The first launch experience will be started automatically the first time the device is restarted after installing the new Edge.

■ Data from previous versions of EDGE, such as passwords and open tabs, will be available in the new Edge.

■ The new Edge does not support uninstalling this update.