While several young people gathered around a memorial dedicated to George Floyd in Minneapolis, teens had fun reproducing the scene of his death on social networks. - Jim Mone / AP / SIPA

While images of the arrest of George Floyd shocked the whole world, teenagers have caused in recent days a real uproar on social networks by parodying the death of this African-American man of 46 years, died of " asphyxiation by prolonged pressure ”at the level of the neck. This challenge, called the "George Floyd challenge", appeared on Snapchat, before being taken up on most other platforms.

The objective of this "challenge" is to take a picture of yourself "imitating" - with a smile - the position of policeman Derek Chauvin during the arrest of George Floyd, namely a knee on the neck of a person lying on the ground. On images recovered by the  Daily Mail , we can see young people - all white - parody the arrest of George Floyd. One playing Derek Chauvin, and the other face down, playing the victim. In one of the videos, a teenager even shouts “I can't breathe”…

This is sickening! Crushing! I don't have words !! Please end this NOW! Praying for Love in your hearts. Jesus We Need You 💔 pic.twitter.com/6PxlnMAG5M

- Ciara (@ciara) June 3, 2020

Several teenagers arrested in Britain

These images quickly aroused real uproar on social networks. This challenge described as “sordid” has also been denounced by celebrities like the singer Ciara who published some of them. " It's disgusting ! Revolting! I don't have the words !! Please stop immediately! She wrote on Twitter. American football player Robert Mathis did the same, saying that "the cowards who laugh at afar should be identified".

According to the Daily Mail , three young men were arrested by English police after reproducing this scene in a video and the University of Missouri canceled the registrations of two young girls who also participated in the "George Floyd challenge", reports the American press agency AP.


- Meeka (@itssimply_tea) June 3, 2020

Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin, who killed the forties, was charged with "murder" and incarcerated. He now faces a 40-year prison sentence. His three colleagues, accused of having attended the scene without reacting, are accused of "complicity" and have also been detained.


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