LG should soon be selling augmented reality glasses (illustration). - Lee Jin-man / AP / SIPA

Augmented reality glasses are not yet considered a consumer product. However, everything could change in the years to come. LG Uplus Corp., which is none other than the telecommunications branch of the South Korean group LG, has announced the launch of augmented reality glasses before the end of 2020, reports Presse-Citron , relaying information from the Yonhap news agency , Thursday June 4.

Glasses for the general public

Called Nreal Light, they will be the first augmented reality glasses in the world to be marketed directly to the general public. The product was developed in collaboration with the Chinese developer of mixed reality products Nreal.

The object will weigh only 88 grams. It will work with smartphones, but will only support Android devices, the company said. The sale price has not yet been announced.

A product tailored for 5G

The launch of this product is part of a well defined commercial strategy: according to information from Yonhap , with these glasses, LG Uplus hopes to attract more customers to its 5G offers. As a reminder, LG is also one of the main Korean operators.

With this new equipment, users will be able to better enjoy the various games and other multimedia content in augmented reality. LG Uplus also plans to create a dedicated AR (for Augmented Reality) ecosystem, where software and business developers could freely create applications for glasses.


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