Demonstration against police violence in Atlanta, June 3, 2020. - MohammadJavad Jahangir / REX / SIPA

You may have seen them on a friend's Facebook wall or on a WhatsApp chat. Because intoxicants rub shoulders with real news more and more, writing  20 Minutes  helps you sort out the true from the false.

1. Watch out for this misleading infographic on homicides in the United States

Its content was relayed by Eric Zemmour on Monday. This scheme puts forward erroneous figures on homicides committed in the country.

2. Yes, George Floyd had contracted the Covid-19

A Twitter post on Thursday featured a photograph of George Floyd's autopsy report. According to the findings of the medical examiner from Hennepin County (Minnesota), George Floyd has tested positive for coronavirus, but the disease is not responsible for his death.

3. No, this video does not show an arrest of an FBI agent

White American police officers mistakenly arrested a black man, mistaking him for another. The video of the 2019 arrest went viral on Monday. The arrested man is not an FBI agent, contrary to what Internet users claim.

4. Were demonstrators checked by the police because of their skin color during a rally in Paris?

A very popular video on social networks denounces a police check that was carried out on the basis of skin color.

5. Rival gangs united in American protests? Attention to this photo, which dates from 2016

The rival Los Angeles Bloods and Crips did not demonstrate side by side for the first time in the United States after the death of George Floyd, contrary to what is shared on social networks.

6. Yes, Agnès Buzyn contradicts herself by saying that there was "no epidemic starting" when she left the Ministry of Health

Agnes Buzyn is criticized for contradicting her knowledge of the coronavirus epidemic when she left her post as Minister of Health in February.

7. Behind the blunder of Sibeth Ndiaye, the industrial strategy of Renault in question

The government spokesperson wrongly claimed that Renault produces 6 million vehicles a year but only sells 3 million.

8. No, an American channel did not present images of the film "World War Z" as being those of the riots

MSNBC was accused of having broadcast an extract from the zombie film in place of images of the demonstrations taking place in the United States. Editing is a joke that escaped its author.

9. No, George Soros did not say he was going to "bring down the United States"

The financier, in the view of the far right, did not say in Bild that he would "bring down the United States by funding black hate groups".

10. Beware, it's the return of scams to fake E.Leclerc vouchers on Facebook

The promise of a gift certificate of 140 euros is unfortunately not authentic.

11. "Oh My Fake" asks the question ... Why the less we know about it, the more we bring it back?

People who are the least competent on a subject often think they are mega-top-too-tuned, to the point of calling into question the expertise of researchers. This has a cute little name, it's called the Dunning-Krüger effect. We tell you everything in video.

Bonus: A fact-check from our colleagues

Did Donald Trump "do more for the black community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln"? That's what he wrote on Twitter. The BBC checked.

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