I'm worried about the hot day in this situation. It's like a shelter in the heat, but it's like a path, but it has been air-conditioned, so people who need it can come and cool it down. Many people are worried about what to do when it will be particularly hot this summer.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan went to the scene.

<Reporter> This

is a street in Bangui-dong, Donui-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

The front door is wide open in every house that is close to each other across a narrow alley.

A fan is running in the room.

At this time, in Seoul, hot air shelter was operated to turn on the air conditioner for each senior citizen or welfare center in each borough.

But this year, all were closed due to concerns about corona infection.

[Gangbangchon residents: I don't open it because of the corona.]

Gongbangchon residents are very worried about thinking about summer without a shelter.

[Gangbangchon residents: If you don't open here, you will die. I slept here last year because the room was hot and couldn't sleep. I'm running a fan in a small room, no air, but I live like that.]The Ministry of Public Administration and Security suggests that a 2m distance from a large gymnasium should be used as a shelter during the heat, but it is difficult for elderly people with limited mobility to reach the gymnasium and there are concerns about indoor group infection.

Seoul Metropolitan Government is trying to expand the business of installing air conditioners to low-income households, but it is pointed out that it cannot bring benefits to all low-income households.

As the record heat wave is expected, corona infection is not as easy as it seems, but more effective measures are needed for the vulnerable.

(Video coverage: Doowon Yang, Video editing: Yumira)