A man in his 40s who had strayed from the self-containment of Corona 19 in Daegu was caught by the police.

The Daegu Regional Police Agency said on the 6th that it had arrested a man in his 40s who left the place for two weeks of self-isolation in two days and handed it over to the health authorities.

Mr. A entered the country on the 23rd of last month and left the residence on the 4th, even though he was notified of self-isolation for 2 weeks.

Dalseo-gu Public Health Center confirmed this and asked the police to track the location of the self-containment targets at about 4:48 pm on the 4th.

After receiving the report, the police arrested and confirmed that Mr. A was at the night rest area in Jeongan, Nonsan Cheonan Expressway, at about 2 pm this afternoon.

Mr. A was negatively judged in the first test of Corona 19, and will be released from self-isolation if he receives the final negative decision in the second test of Gongju Health Center.

The Daegu Regional Police Agency said, "If Mr. A's self-quarantine is lifted, it will be investigated after being charged for violating the infectious disease prevention method."