They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And this time, this statement cannot contain more truth. For this reason, the young Amber Hoffman has decided to post two very different images of her on her Facebook wall. In one she can be seen destroyed by the effects of the drug she used and in another on her return to life.

The two images that illustrate these lines belong to the same young woman, but anyone would say so. The one on the left shows the aftermath that substances such as methamphetamine and heroin of which she was addicted left in her body. In the one on the right, a big smile clarifies that those times are already part of the past.

A past to which Amber is not willing to return and that it cost her to live on the street, lose more than 18 kilos and be about to die twice from endocarditis and a hole was made in her heart. "I lived in fear, in pain, I was ready for my life to end," she explains. Her mother rescued her when her body could hardly stand up to lift her 42 kilos and took this picture so that she did not forget where the drugs had led her. Now, after a hard recovery process and having a heart operation, the young woman feels happy. "I have been clean for nine months, I have struggled hard, I have put on 18 kilos, I have a place to live and my family and my cats to help me," he says in a Facebook post.

Amber wanted to publish this before and after photograph to tell others that they are going through the same situation that they can. "Recovery is possible and worthwhile." The publication did not take long to go viral and already accumulates thousands of likes.

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