Today (6th), a car running in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, was tilted 90 degrees to the side. Citizens were the ones who saved the people inside, in a dangerous situation that could catch fire.

This is Jung Joon-ho.


A passenger car, tilted 90 degrees to the left, stands facing the next car.

A situation where engine oil leaks out and smoke causes a fire.

The surrounding citizens try to stop the car, but it is not easy.

[I smoke. Please open the door.]

Citizens who climb into the car next to the accident vehicle quickly open the passenger seat door and rescue the occupant.

[You two? Two of you? Do you have any more people?]

More than 10 citizens who have saved their lives have gathered their power this time to pull the car upright

and push it. One two three, be careful.]

Move the car to a safe place with the engine off.

At around 2pm today, an accident occurred when a vehicle driving on a road in an amusement park in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province was tilted to the side.

[Oh Hyun-min / Accident Vehicle Rescuer: It was a situation where I thought there would be a person because the airbag was fired... There was a smoke and I thought that I should get out of here quickly.] The

police explained that the car driver was climbing the rock, losing its center and tilting because the driver of the car wasn't seeing the rock next to the road.

It was a distressing moment, but thanks to the rapid rescue of the citizens, the two passengers were known to have not been significantly hurt.

(Video editing: Jong-tae Kim, screen provided by viewer Oh Hyun-min)